Monday, May 19, 2008

Spotting UFOs

I'd like to say I haven't been keeping up with my blog because I've been abducted by aliens. But, to use the proper wordage...I've been taken away by UFOs.
It being Spring time, many of the human species find a hunger to clean up our living spaces and reorganize as a welcoming in of the Spring season.
What jumped out most to me in my home were the HUGE number of UFOs (unfinished objects) I have all over the house. Why? Because for some reason, the next step of each project had a problem, so I'd go on to another project until I came up with a solution. You know what I'm talking about...problems like...running out of the right yarn, or you're designing a piece and can't really figure out the next step at this time, or if you're working with instructions, maybe you misplaced them. The toughest part of facing our UFOs can be that we forgot where we left off and have to figure that out...which isn't always a smooth transition.
So, here is one of the many UFOs that I completed recently.
It is a cat bed. The instructions are found for free on this wonderful knit site Kitty Pi .
And here is such an entertaining page where you can list your kitty bed with your kitty modeling it and tell your story once it's finished! Kitty Bed Gallery
Now, I'm not sure if Eckhart Tollecat will even use his bed once it's dried. But if he does, I would love to post it on the gallery page. And if he doesn' will stay the extravagant bar stool cover it is at this time. That's the fun of creating....there's always a new way to see things and use them.
I hope the Spring season is inspiring you to bravely face those UFOs, keeping your projects your friends and not leaving them estranged aliens.