Monday, April 11, 2011


I've had a fascination with beads and buttons from childhood. While my Mom was sewing, I would play with her buttons and create all kinds of worlds with them. To this day, I adore creating worlds with beads and buttons in whatever medium they will fit into. Here's a one sock wonder from a Lily Chin design I tried out with "seconds yarn" and some tasty beads I bought at a Stitches convention once. I actually have no intention of knitting the other sock. I just wanted to see the instructions manifested, so I'm happy with the one. It's now an official practice sock to take the experience to new places.
My dad was an architect. I find sock design so very similar to how he'd design buildings...with different levels and design interests. I kind of like perceiving socks in that way....little buildings for the feet! Imagine the possibilities if you see them in that way.