Thursday, June 30, 2016

First Vacation in a Long Long Time

A dear friend of mine who I hadn't seen in ten years, met me in Portland, OR.  To counter some deeply painful life events that took us far from art and creativity.... she and I decided to take a painting class together in one of the coolest cities ever.
 Amazing how this first messy layer of paint...
                                        ...eventually turns into something like this....
              ...but only if you're Jesse Reno. But it does inspire you to want to keep practicing.
 There was this fashion exhibit at the Portland Museum and since I love design and bead embroidery it filled me with dreams.
 Remember this NYC inspired fabric/outfit Patricia Michaels designed in season 2013 of Project Runway? It was nice to see that she is going strong and is still designing and doing runway shows with her work.
 These bead embroidered boots made me want to get back into that medium a whole lot.

This kind gentleman was having coffee at Grendle's Cafe which has incredible almond milk cappuccinos that I'll never forget...and gluten-free breakfast sandwiches. I don't get to vacation often and this trip went too too fast. I'm back home in Glutenland, but the Portland memories will stick around forever.