Monday, June 11, 2012

Culture Fix

The need for artistic inspiration is best fulfilled by a quick trip to the cultural mecca of NYC. One highlight was seeing this Schiaparelli/Prada exhibit at the Met that is going on until August 19th. Not only are there gorgeous and ahead-of-their-time designs from long ago, but there are ongoing film discussions between Schiaparelli and Prada about the design lifestyle. Then Prada takes cues from Schiaperelli's creations and does her own take on them. Very cool!
After the exhibit has you flying, then a cool place to visit is the Met roof where the views are exquisite!  The sculptural roof structure on the Met roof makes for an even more thrilling exploratory adventure.
In NYC, artistic opportunity and inspiration are everywhere you turn! From this shop entryway that lures in customers anatomically....
... to artists performing in their medium during a simple walk in the park!
Jenny Divine's energy in her Donna Summer memorial was an entertaining treat. And our own hotel room brought such breathtaking views I spent more time enjoying fhe view than wanting to sleep.
The full moon made things surreal!
Even the trip home...which unfortunately took all day because of a missed connecting flight, had art in it! I was very happy to have a bubblegum pink suitcase in the sea of mostly black ones. Even tho it was a day of flying from city to city until I could get a flight home. No such thing as waiting if you sketch, so there was lots of sketching opportunity all day long.
Though I love gorgeous views....I accepted this as the view from my flight, so I could finally get home!

I loved the artsy trip, but was happy to be on the noisy prop plane home because I know that any experience we have is enjoyed in the present, but enjoyed with even more depth through memories. 

Highly recommended if you're looking for a sparky cultural museum visit...the MAD museum of art.

The Cindy Sherman exhibit at the MOMA was fascinating! I believe it runs until today. She portrays a character in each of her pieces. It's very surreal because you never really know what she looks like as herself. Her exposure of how humans try to portray an image...or how we cling to our youth by using whatever methods we can, kept haunting me way past the exhibit and I started looking at myself and people I passed by in a whole different perspective. Here are a few of her pieces...
Every human needs a change of scenery for sanity sake and for creative inspiration and I hope this little visual blog entry trip has brought a spark to you as much as it did to me.