Friday, June 11, 2010

A Visit to Lion Brand Yarn Studio

Knitted cozy bike rack parking...

...being welcomed with knitted cozy door handles

...knitted bathroom door sign

                                     ...enjoying Amigurumi Club sardines from exhibit
...creativity of salesrep exudes from her knit swatch skirt and knit accessories

...window display of knit and crocheted lion in creative needlework garden complete with needlecrafted sun and sign

...beautiful display of inspirational yarn knitters trying on their newly learned skills. Watch out world!

I just had to visit the Lion Brand Yarn Studio on my short NYC culture-fix visit. They were kind enough to allow me to take photos to post on my blog. First of all, it was a Sunday and right before opening time, there were many people waiting to get into the shop. Inside, there was a class of brand new knitters that had been going on for an hour before opening time.

The shop was decorated with all kinds of creative displays from the huge lion in the creative garden window display to the Knitta Please-flavored door handle covers. Outside was a knitted bike rack cover also a la Knitta Please. Inside was a knitted "pull" sign on the bathroom door, reminding us that with creativity we can make whatever it is we need without always having to go to a store to find a manufactured version! The beautiful wooden floors led the way to gorgeous and colorful displays of various yarns. There was also a sample section to test drive different types of yarn. My favorite was the Amigurumi Club exhibit where you see my daughter opening a can of crocheted sardines. Even the young women working there wore creatively crafted outfits like this lovely saleslady with a skirt that had swatches all over it.
I'm very glad I visited this shop. Online it looks pretty, but in person, besides being pretty, it also gives off such a limitless creative flair that you leave the shop, not only purchasing some cool products, but very creatively inspired. The Lion Brand Knit Shop is located at 34 W 15th St. Check their website, for hours (to be safe with your plans) because I know sometimes they have unexpected hour changes.