Thursday, May 30, 2013

Revisiting a Dormant Career

Grandkitty shows better than I could tell anyone what has happened to my singing career. It’s been dormant for about 8 years.  For one, how many full-time live singing careers are available today to replace the one I had? But also…you turn a certain age and many past passions return that beg for as much dedication as your career had. Also, at this age, I would love to create “behind the scenes,” as in produce.

  Recently, I was invited to judge a local talent competition. I love to support artists of all kinds from performing ones to artists who require stillness to express their talents.
What a trip to see the talent hiding in this area! I even had to unrust the pipes and sing one song to prove I earned the judge’s chair. It sure was different singing after 8 years. All the art I’ve worked on and emotional evolution in the past 8 years gave me a way different perspective on how I went about singing this time.  Surprisingly, I hadn’t an ounce of nervousness and I was able to try new things I haven’t had the guts to try 8 years ago. To be in front of many people performing felt as natural as a kitty taking a nap….though, I hope it was more interesting than that.

I guess my point in this entry is to say…that even when we don’t get to work on our art….our lives evolve and that evolution seeps its way into our art…so it still evolves. So, just because it’s been a while since you’ve worked on a certain venue of art….don’t write it off as over. That’s how connected our emotional growth is with our art growth.