Saturday, November 21, 2009

Inspiration hides in the most common everyday places

I love stories of how designers and creatives become inspired to try things. So here's mine.

I was minding my own business...knitting a pair of black and white striped socks to give to my sweety daughter....when one day in Walmart, I stumbled across a pair of socks that looked just like them! Okay...they did have a reindeer on them and were factory made...and not of bamboo and silk, but still....who wants to invest all that time and energy into knitting socks you can find cheaper in Walmart?

Going sock-otic ....I asked my inner Muse what to do. It took a long time to knit those socks and several glasses of wine to make it through weaving the multitude of ends in! The Muse told me to add some flowers since I always wanted to try knitting some. So, out came the flower picture books and playtime began.

I've only started this sock knitting addiction this year. There's a story about why I started knitting socks again after the last pair I tried was in 1967! But later for that. I must admit that back in 1967 we sure didn't have the cool templates to play around with or the cool yarn that survives foot usage like there is today. Sock knitting has become so creatively cool! Does anyone else have a confession about their sock knitting addiction to share ?