Thursday, October 2, 2008

Seeing Possibility After a Break Up

Ever see that Swiffer ad on TV where the Domestic House Goddess has "broken up" with her mop and broom? (I can hear the soundtrack of "Baby Come Back" that they use, going round and round in my head as I write this.) The mop and broom try to lure our Goddess back with flowers, all kinds of gift deliveries, hot tub invitations, etc. I think this ad hits home for a bunch of us!!!!
I can picture sequels to this ad. Sequels showing this Goddess at the police precinct getting a restraining order. Maybe even a scene in court, where the Goddess reveals all the abuse the broom and mop put her through...or even a scene in the shrink's office where the shrink finally says their client is cured from attracting abusive mops and brooms into her life.

The reason I bring up this ad is because I recently "broke up" with my couch. Every time I sat in it, besides it being horrible for anyone's posture, it brought back past boyfriend memories on that couch. I just couldn't stand to be around that ambience, so I moved it to my studio. It now has a new use....I take off the cushions and block my finished knit projects on it. And what a perfect blocking tool it is!!!

As far as the sweater in these photos....last Summer, I was so hungry to take a certain Drop-Stitch knit class I read about, but I had a schedule conflict. Instead, I saw a pattern for a drop stitch sweater in Cast On Magazine and gave it a try. One day I will make it to that Drop Stitch class if they ever give it again. Until then, I'll keep learning from patterns I find.

Have you ever used an item, appliance, or piece of furniture for a totally new use and loved the results? Please inspire us with your story!