Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Messy Part

Here is a "before" and "during" example of how art journaling....or any passion gets messy. The creative process is a messy one. Whether it's in making art journal pages, designing a knit project, putting a speech together, starting a business or any endeavor.
Often the messy stage of a project isn't publicized and we only get to see the successful result. This gives us the impression that everyone else knows exactly how to do everything perfectly.
I know when I design knits, art, speeches, classes or even business concepts....they certainly don't all work out in neat little journeys from point A to point B! There is that process between idea and manifestation that requires messy trial, error, play, work, not knowing, letting go of ideas, holding onto ideas and changing ideas. (This includes all the emotions that go with those messes.) Sometimes we can forget how many steps it takes to do anything...including getting out of bed in the morning or getting out of the house! Want to make a friend for life? Make friends with messy and accept it as a part of the process to turn ideas into reality.