Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Signs" of Respect for Artists and the Arts!

 I was having such a colorless, rough weekend until I stepped into Trader Joe's grocery store. I sampled some wine and got into a conversation with the friendly guy who was handing out the wine samples. I commented on how gorgeous and well done the signage was all around the store and how it turned an everyday grocery shopping experience into a pleasant gallery visit.
 That's when I was told about how Trader Joe's hires artists to do their advertising while they also work positions in the store! Trader Joe's suddenly flew to the top of my list because they respect artists and give them opportunity to express their talents...not only in this one store...but I'm to understand this happens in all Trader Joe's!!!! How many grocery stores...let alone businesses... give artists that kind of opportunity and respect????
 When I purchased my groceries I brought up the gorgeous artwork to my cashier. Before I knew it she had the artist...who was working in the back of the store...come out to meet me!!!! (That cashier was such a thoughtful lady to do such a thing...both for me and the artist!)
 The artist was a sweet, humble young lady named Stephanie Spensley. I told her that her work should be in galleries. She said it is!
 The kindness and support of her fellow workers who talked so highly of Stephanie and her work (because they both deserve it)....the idea that a grocery store is so cool that it gives hugely artistic talents exposure and opportunity... and just to witness how fellow workers respect each other in that store made my otherwise challenging weekend turn into excitement!
 I don't have a Trader Joe's where I live. Where I live is saturated in mostly Dollar Stores. I just wish more businesses would give art and the talents who create it, the opportunity to utilize their gifts like this!
And I adore when I get to meet the talents behind the work and find they are humble and kind. I hope you check out Stephanie's work and also that you frequent Trader Joes because they are a rare grocery/ business who supports artists and has workers who respect customers and each other! More of that in the world!!!!!