Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting back into shape

You know how when you stop working's very hard to get back into that ritual? Well, I find sketching the same way! If you don't keep practicing consistently, your eye loses that distinct way of seeing, while your hand forgets how to be patient and follow every line your eye is caressing.

Fortunately, Jane La Fazio's latest DVD, From Art Journaling to Art, inspires the viewer to try some tasty complete-it-in-one-sitting sketches. She also adds her flair for creative borders that make the sketch take on a personality all its own. Plus she adds some techniques from her mixed media class to take your sketching to a new level. I'm very happy with this informative DVD. I've taken some of Jane's classes online and this DVD brings the online classwork full circle by allowing you to actually watch Jane demonstrate those Jane techniques we learned from online class hand outs.
I'm not only back working out after getting out of the loop for a while, but now because of this DVD, I'm getting my sketching back in shape again as well. Bravo, Jane!