Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy 2017!!!!

What a loaded year 2016 was! Numerology-wise it was a nine year.  A nine year is about loss and letting go. We lost so many brilliant talents, icons, influences, and many of us lost dear friends and acquaintances last year. Quite painful! My computer also decided it was a nine year and stopped working, living in the repair shop more than one time. That's why the blog absence.
This collage is made from saved-up snail mail. It expresses how my 2016 was. I'm in amazement at how outer influences endlessly try to make themselves more important than our own needs! To emerge or rise above the outside world demands.... you CAN'T lose your sense of who you are which is why the word ME is found in the word "emerge." It always amazes me how we lose all sense of who we are when life situations get demanding and overwhelming. So, that's what we need to reclaim to rise above the chaos.
Thankfully....a nine year is followed by a one year....a year of new beginnings. I am amazed at how I have not changed how I'm doing anything, but the outer world has started shifting and things are improving. It's too freaky that this is happening to NOT believe in numerology.
I am thankful to Mariah Carey for her New Year's Eve performance! I have a personal belief that how we experience New Year's Eve is a sampling of how the year will be. I know Mariah took a lot of troll flack for her reaction to her unexpected sound system glitch. To me, I wondered what I'd do if that were me up there in front of billions of people around the world. I was a singer for many years and I feel great empathy for any performer who intends to do well and then something happens to challenge that. What Mariah taught me to focus on this year is....if things don't go as will we deal with it in the moment? Will we react? Will we respond? Can we blame something outside ourselves? Or can we just make light of it or realize we are getting the egg on our face, but we're all learning through that experience.
I felt horrible for her. I do know when I was a singer it was my responsibility to make sure there was a sound check before a performance. But sometimes sound checks can't be done due to conflicts. So, what can one do to make a shockingly unexpected situation into an important lesson? Mariah will probably never know she did this for me, but I am way making sure if things mess up on me I let others involved know we're all human and can identify.
To anyone who reads this blog....first of all thank you for doing so. a good scout and give thought to what you would do if the unexpected happened. Would you react? Respond? Teach? Learn? What would you do? happens to all of us and I thank you for starting off my year with such an important lesson!