Monday, June 30, 2014

Home Maintenance as a Scientific Art Form

I have an unusual habit. Whenever I’m proclaiming to add a brand new focus into my lifestyle….. I find myself clearing out and cleaning the space where this activity will take place. When I find myself doing this clearing ritual…. I know my whole body and soul has committed mentally, emotionally and physically to this new focus.

Lately, life situations and events have been showing me where my life needs to go, focuswise. So, the clearing rituals are rampant! There is nothing like the FEELING of having a space that invites clear and organized energy for your new focus/activity to get into action. Who'da thought cleaning could be FUN????

I hope, if you’re not already a fan or subscriber of Clean my Space/Melissa Maker, that her work will become as addicting and inspiring to your well-being as it has for mine!