Saturday, December 5, 2009

A True Test of Passion

There is a test that cat owners know well. Whenever we are in the flow of a creative passion...a kitty will come along and lie right in the middle of it to test how much we love what we're doing. Here are two examples of this test captured in photos. The first, I was giving a wool sweater a new life by unraveling it to create a new knit item to felt. The kitty test was measuring how passionate I was about turning that sweater back into new yarn to play with. I failed the test. That sweater is still in the "to do" pile.

The next test caught on the "how much do you want to do research on your computer?" test. That one is a tough test as kitties are experts at making you not able to see what you're researching. Kitty tests are the new "pop ups" of the marketing world. I think kitties can teach us a ton about marketing. They certainly know how to grab our attention with cuteness.

Have you been tested by your pet for how passionate you are about what you're doing? Please share your story!