Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The 3 T's..Talent, Taste, and Timing

I sure miss Andy Rooney and his curmudgeonly entertaining rants. I guess he preferred realistic art to interpretive art! Expressing feelings through shapes, colors and textures didn't digest well with his sense of taste. Steve Jobs believed aesthetics/taste could be taught. Can it?  

Here we see Jean Paul Gautier's recent line of fashions honoring the late Amy Winehouse.
It was received with much controversy. Was this line a thoughtful homage to an unique
icon? Or was the timing off and it was too soon for those still experiencing the grieving process? Did it honor Amy's personal style? Or did it focus on her dark times?

Both these video clips bring up artistic self-expression. Does any artist have control over how 
their creative expression is interpreted? We just never know. To express anything at all in public
is such a vulnerable act.

Comedians, musicians, performers, marketers, inventors, designers, entrepreneurs, humans, etc. all are familiar with the importance of timing. It can make or break an intention. And as long as there are diverse beings and life experience tastes will vary.

How often do creatives hold back putting their work out there because of fear of judgement?
These two videos show that even when an artist is established and well known the potential
for adverse reaction never goes away.

It seems, in time, artists learn to separate the message from the messenger and that our
sincere intentions are what matter more than how they're interpreted.

Ooops! Wait! Forget everything I just said.