Sunday, February 5, 2012

Come With Me on a Virtual Gallery Visit

American Icon Mini from Ripley's Believe It or Not! on Vimeo.

Today I'm doing as many artists do....going on an inspirational gallery trip online while still in my pajamas.... and inviting you along with me.

There are so many artists out there doing inspirational artsplorations. Here are a few more who have used cars as their canvas...(scroll down the page a bit) I seem to remember a guy who covered his car in buttons a few decades ago, but he didn't make the list. I wonder how many more cars who didn't make the top ten are out there celebrating the OCDness of object as art supply.

Here is the link to the husband-wife team who created the Swarovski Mini-Coup. Get a load of their prolific wealth of artistic works! Do they ever sleep? 

 Here is the link to the knitter/crocheter/ future art therapist who did the Ferrari

Thank you for spending time with me on this cyber gallery trip. With all the money and time we saved on this inspirational we can afford that art tool or supply we were holding back from investing in!