Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy Earth Day!

Nine bags and counting

Last Earth Day I posted a video from H & M claiming they recycle fabric. I am a huge fan of recycling. A major issue I've had for decades is where to recycle all those fabric scraps from sewing projects I've saved for decades to turn into creative recycled projects. I just don't have that kind of time anymore to be that creative. I tried and tried to find a local place to recycle fabric since there isn't an H & M for miles around here. Mostly what I found when Googling where to recycle fabric scraps... links would come up for upcycled sewing scrap projects.....which is nice to do if you have that kind of time, but I don't.

I was thrilled to find out that from now until Earth Day, if you do have access to an H & M....they accept all those stained or torn wearables that are not even ready for primetime at the Thrift Shop. So any fabric scraps, sewing/weaving/knitting projects that didn't work out, mismatched socks, stained outfits...pretty much anything textile (no shoes)... they will happily accept them and then give you a 30% discount on your next H and M purchase (Until Earth Day and then it goes back to 15% if you do it any other time of the year.)

 The scraps will be recycled into new fabric or insulation and will be put to good use. It's always a lovely feeling to find a good home for anything you can no longer use that is cluttering up a studio or home. Especially when it's good for the Earth.

Here is the link to that H & M project and details of what they will and won't accept.