Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dining Out in this Era

     I like this era because no matter where you can be with who you really want to be with....otherwise, how do you think I was able to take this photo?!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Formula: Creativity+Talent+ Teamwork = Magic

Have a beautiful New Year!  I hope 2015 brings you as much fun, cooperation and creativity as this!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Surviving Life’s Challenges

                                                                       Life sure can have the potential to stink sometimes!

When things in life go sour, one helpful way of getting through it is to listen to someone else’s life issues. Usually that makes our own disappointments seem so small.  If you’ve been honoring your creativity long enough you already know that life’s pain is no stranger on the path to creativity.

I recently found the “Death, Sex and Money Podcast” done by Anna Sale. She is an excellent interviewer who seems wise beyond her years. She asks poignant questions and gets deep truths out of all her interviewees. If you appreciate honesty and learning from others’ experiences you will enjoy this podcast.

I’m posting this episode as an example of the touching depth Anna gets out of her interviewees.  I have to credit the interviewees for being brave enough to share their personal stories too.

I’ve always enjoyed Ellen Burstyn and her work. She seems like such a sweet woman. And how one can stay sweet with all that she survived needs its own award show. When will they have award shows like that?

There are many more interviewees who cross the line into Vulnerabilityland… like Bill Withers, Jane Fonda, etc. and some not so famous, but equally fascinating people who teach you what life is like from their perspective.

So whether you are trying to get through some painful challenges or not…this is a very magnetizing podcast that deserves attention.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wonderful Artwork to Raise Your Heart Rate and Keep You Warm

With such cold shut-in weather on the way I thought it would be nice to share a colorful, textural gallery visit to keep you inspired....
Last year I visited this bead shop and hiding between the beads for sale they had detailed, beaded works of art on display. This electric guitar, totally covered in bugle beads was a shiny, colorful work of art. It was no longer there this year and I wonder if someone is using it in a band or display. Can a guitar still sound right when covered in beads? I'm not sure.

So this year they had this very cool exhibit by Samara Kaufman. I love how her passion for beading took on a life of its own and she uses her pieces to support a charity!

I am only going to show a few of her pieces because it must be seen live to get the real effect and there are more pieces in the shop of bead magnificence to see.

     If you're in the vicinity of this shop sometime and need a dash of passion to keep you motivated....please visit Studio Beads. They have a world of beads, classes and cool works on display to keep you in Bead Heaven.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Quick Culture Fix

 This month included a fast weekend in my fave cultural fix city...NYC. The event I attended was a lifetime memory, however the photos are not ready so I will post the photos I took of the downtime between the cracks. Here is a Pollack at the MOMA. I love the body language of the viewers just as much as the Pollack.
I'm thrilled the MOMA does let you take photos on certain floors because I didn't want to leave NYC without a Warhol fix. I love how the viewer is a silhouette against the many flavors of red, white, black and gold soup cans.

 My fave travel pal and I went to Beads World only to find it moved! This is very recent. They're now at 57 W 38th St and no longer on Broadway.
They still have all the eye candy shiny beads, crystals, finding, tools and the like. A few things were no longer on display, but I'm keeping an eye on their site to see when they put it back up and just sell those items online.

Magnetized to the Art Deco of Bloomingdale's...I totally missed the Sephora store I was searching for! I was so busy taking photos of the iconic department store that I didn't realize my back was to the store I was trying to find. When I came back down to earth from the Art Deco-ness I finally found Sephora and got the mascara I forgot to pack for the trip. That's the fun of travel...what will I forget to bring this time?
There was much much more going on in the few days of the visit. I didn't take pix of it all though I wish I had. Especially the street dancers who did a brilliant job of making viewers laugh enough to shell out some funds. Anyone who can make people laugh in these times is a brilliant being and marketer. They were excellent hip hop dancers too.
Stay tuned for the main reason there was a trip to NYC in next month's entry.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Powerful Music to Keep Going on the Path

With such a challenging year, this song has been one of my go-to healing places. It reminds me that the more absurd things get, all you can do is smile.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rediscovering what's important

When a year becomes an emotional roller coaster what's important in life gets shaken to its core. Once in a while there's some time to experiment and try to see what still has importance. Design is a place I'm finding has a sacred space in my day recently. I keep up with Project Runway to stay inspired. I am blown away how Kini can make a masterpiece of perfection so fast...even in one day. I have all this help when I design and can't figure out why it takes me so so long to complete anything!