Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meeting Your Hugest Art Influence

In my May 10th 2009 blog entry, I mentioned the book that forever influenced my art life. I neglected to mention the author of that book. How could I do such a thing?!!! Probably because she deserves her own separate blog entry.
Meet Julie Schafler Dale. She has a beautiful gallery on the East side of Manhattan where she sells the most gorgeous wearable art out there today. Some of the wearable artists in her book, Art to Wear  Amazon.com: Art to Wear (9780896596641): Julie Schafler Dale, Otto Stupakoff: Books (which came out in 1986), are still at it and it's fascinating to see their artistic evolution over the decades. Even the machine knit jacket Julie is wearing shows the evolution of Linda Mendelson's work. Julie Artisans' - Linda Mendelson
I just love when someone has such passion for art that they live it through creating a gallery, a book and a lifestyle...and they are kind enough to allow you to live one of your dreams by allowing a snapshot taken of you with the person who most influenced your art life.
From reading the reviews of Julie's book on Amazon, I know I'm not the only one Julie has ignited with a wearable art spark! Not only has Julie Shafler Dale influenced our art by sharing her passion...but she is proof that when we share our passion...it sparks a flame in the hearts of many who we may or may never meet.