Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who are you wearing?

Why do I watch the Oscars?
  • It keeps me in one spot long enough to organize tax receipts.

  • I like to see what and "who" the stars are wearing while guessing what the Fashion Police will really say about the outfits later on.

  • I enjoy how spontaneous (or not) the nominees are when interviewed on the spot.

  • I like the creative ways winners express their gratitude (or forget to.)

  • I enjoy comedy bits and musical numbers that qualify as award-show worthy.

  • I like to see who has the malfunction and who has the touching moment of the show each year.

  • It's exhilarating to hold my breath when each host is the moving target of the year trying out jokes and numbers and skits that may make or break them. What a tough job that has to be!

A more exclusive fashion showing, that even famed celebs miss out on, is on the white carpet and messy porch in my world. This show is special because the designers wear their own designs.

Here our designer/model makes his way down the catwalk with a long, flowy number.

Only pro models know to keep a blank expression on their face to let the outfit remain the focus of the show. This design serves both as a flamboyant cape...

and a long train which is big this year on the white carpet.

And here is the other stand out of the show...a more summery number, this Grecian-style draped gown.
Next year we must keep up with the Oscars and also add a manni-cam to the festivities.

Awards were given too....a nice big scoup of tuna for the gifted designer/models. And a little swag package of catnip. And of course, my reward...getting my taxes started while watching talented and beautiful stars all around me.