Friday, July 27, 2012

Kitty TV--the Real Reality Show!

July started with a visit from the Power Outage Fairy. No electricity, water, TV, or internet for close to a week...and for a while no phone either.  The local grocery stores also had to toss a lot of spoiled food, as I did. It was kinda cool to not know what was going on in the world in this info overload age we get so addicted to.  I didn't mind living off of rice cakes and Perrier for a week. What most upset me was that I'd have to miss the Indy Day Twilight Zoneathon. 
Knitting way proved itself to be an art form that defies power outages. Here, one of my over-heated kitties helps me keep the yarn supply tangled before he falls asleep.
 I've read that windows and screened-in views are TV for kitties. Since I couldn't watch TV, I decided to check out what my kitties were watching on their TV. It turned out to be far cooler than the Twilight Zoneathon!

Not everyone sees our artwork as may just be a great place to find material to build a nest.

 Kitties started hissing at something walking by the front door, so I came running with a camera...
Kitty TV is far more surreal than Twilight Zone reruns!  

With all the sensationalized news going on out there in the world I witnessed that there's enough sensational news going on right in our own front yard!