Wednesday, August 31, 2016

California Dreamin'

 August brought a dream I've had for a few years. The Kalani Therapeutic Drum Course in LA. I finally made it there! It was phenomenal!
I have very few photos because we were busy learning so many diverse things from morning to night! This was one of my fave instructors! I want to be like her when I grow up! Abbie Ehorn. She's so much fun! And so mega talented in so many venues!

 Fellow ZIN, Duncan Harte and I got to teach a collage of Zumba, Pound and Interpretive dance to the most fun students a teacher could dream of having!
Then my baby girl and I picked out a Momorial bench that is perfect to honor Mom. The light fixture in front was something Mom always mentioned because when baby girl was two, she'd go visit the garden with her grandma and she'd pretend the light fixture was a phone. The view is gorgeous too!

This guy was waiting for his owner who was busy chewing out a representative at the car rental agency. I couldn't resist the cute and welcoming face!

Now the dream is just a very fond memory. Kalani puts together an excellent and super cool, fun drum therapy course. I lost my mojo for music for over a decade, but this course, the severely talented and friendly teachers and participants all inspired that mojo for music to return! That is the sign of an excellent course!