Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

What a year 2015 was! I'm wiped out thinking about it! So much happens in a year.  I narrowed 2015 down to these 3 achievements...
Strangely enough in this small town with many dollar stores and one Walmart...there is a vet who practices acupuncture! I was shocked! I know my Mom is smiling down on this. She studied it and used to get treatments too. Now my sweet kitty gets treatments and it's way helping far better than antibiotics to get him healthy again.
I spent a huge part of this year clearing out decades of clutter with the help of an excellent organizer who staged the house for a house walk last fall. I love these before and after pix!
And I discovered that I LOVE to teach Zumba! I just got a job teaching Pound for next year too! I love to trick bodies into thinking they're having fun when they're really working hard!

Do you have your ideas, dreams and plans for 2016? I just figured mine out and they're exciting! I hope yours are too! Happy New Year and have a super fun 2016!