Monday, April 30, 2012

There's a Reason They're Called Re-TREATs

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I always ask my intuition what it wants me to do everyday. Last month it told me I MUST clean out my bedroom closet. I obeyed. I let go of tons of singer and dancer outfits from my past finally admitting that they are my past and I need to create space for the new.
I found this photo taken at the Teesha Moore Play retreat. Though I attended this retreat in 2009...memories from it still return whenever I'm creating art. There are a number of artists in this photo who have come to the forefront since this retreat...such as Ty and Marcia Schultz (huggy couple in row 2 of Play Retreat photo) who are teaching all kinds of cool art courses at retreats. There's Carla Sonheim (seated slightly behind and to the right of Teesha in Play Retreat photo) who the following year put out this book
  and is taking the drawing world by storm. Tiphoni (Row 3 on the right in Play Retreat photo....Teesha's talented daughter is also teaching and creating and doing amazing things) 
 And I can't leave out the mesmerizing drawing genius Theo Ellsworth. (Next to Tiphoni in Play Retreat photo)
Teesha is always doing something cool and I love to keep up on what she's doing in that wildly creative world she's created....
I enjoy looking up people I've retreated with and see what they're up to. That retreat was filled with fascinating artists who I still need time to research and catch up with. 
Now I get why my intuition told me to do something as mundane as clean my closet. There was a treasure of inspiration within one little photo hiding in my closet waiting for me to research and discover the cool things artists are doing with their gifts. Always trust your intuition no matter how crazy the idea it sends you may feel!