Saturday, July 20, 2013

Celebrity Sighting

This celeb doesn't mind paparazzi snapping a pic during his zipper-guarding nap.

When my baby girl told me she was going to Mood Fabrics after work to pick up fabric to accessorize a bride's maid dress, my first response was,

"Awww....Give Swatch a pet from me!!!"

In case you don't know Swatch, he's often the last worker at Mood Fabrics that the Project Runway contestants say goodbye to after they've purchased their fabric for their current project on the show.

Thank you, baby girl, for snapping this pic. What a lovely surprise that was to actually see Swatch on the job!

I was also surprised to see Project Runway has started their 12th season this week! And what an interesting line up of designers they have for this season, as well as new procedures to keep things challenging. I'm looking forward to an inspiring season of the show and also to visit Swatch and Mood one day.