Monday, March 29, 2010

High Tech or Old School?

I spent a month rehashing my bookbinding skills. I haven't bound a book in about five years. It's amazing how skills disappear when you haven't used them in a while. It's also interesting how they return after some trial and error of trying to remember. I have a graphic artist friend who says that if graphic artists don't keep up with the latest software they can end up in the dark ages as far as catching up. I also see how on Project Runway they have the coolest high tech methods they didn't have when I went to fashion design school. Did you see that episode where designers designed their own fabric on the computer???? I was drooling!!!!
I bet there are some bookbinding skills and materials that have evolved since I've last bound a book. Knitting amazes me, too, how new trends, inventions and ways of doing things evolve when you're not looking. The decision to create with what you already have or keep up with the latest trends is as diverse as humans are. I kind of prefer a balance of both. I guess whatever keeps us creating is what's best.