Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wonderful Artwork to Raise Your Heart Rate and Keep You Warm

With such cold shut-in weather on the way I thought it would be nice to share a colorful, textural gallery visit to keep you inspired....
Last year I visited this bead shop and hiding between the beads for sale they had detailed, beaded works of art on display. This electric guitar, totally covered in bugle beads was a shiny, colorful work of art. It was no longer there this year and I wonder if someone is using it in a band or display. Can a guitar still sound right when covered in beads? I'm not sure.

So this year they had this very cool exhibit by Samara Kaufman. I love how her passion for beading took on a life of its own and she uses her pieces to support a charity!

I am only going to show a few of her pieces because it must be seen live to get the real effect and there are more pieces in the shop of bead magnificence to see.

     If you're in the vicinity of this shop sometime and need a dash of passion to keep you motivated....please visit Studio Beads. They have a world of beads, classes and cool works on display to keep you in Bead Heaven.