Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Giving up Earthquakes and Hurricanes to CREATE

I took a break from the earthquakes and hurricanes to attend CREATE retreat in Chicago. I love meeting people in person who I've gotten to know online. Jane LaFazio is a most wonderful instructor! To meet her in person was such a treat! She is such a sweetheart! And I just love her new blue locks! 

 I enjoy studying energy....and Jane really blew me away with her abundance of energy and sweetness. You have to admire how an instructor can create art, run online classes while giving each student quality attention, travel and teach in retreats all over the nation and world, sell in the market (I'm now the proud owner of a fabulous Jane LaFazio sketch!), keep up with all the social media, run a blog, make instructional DVDs, write articles, have a wonderful marriage, raise kitties, do yoga, take classes with others, etc. and walk the planet with such warmth, generosity, and energy! Jane is a walking role model of why we must do what we love!

Speaking of energy... I thought taking a photo of the room the CREATE market was to be held in before it actually happened would show what the energy of CREATE vendors and attendees bring to a plain, empty room.

The market was buzzing with artistas of all kinds and vendors with their inspiring, diverse treasures.

Here are Ty and Marcia Schultz at the market... proudly posing with their new addition to the "family."

Here Ty pours a mold for my Mom (as Frida Kahlo watches from his shirt) in the mold making class he and Marcia taught.

The mold making class had that Christmas Morning feel as we all excitedly waited for our molded pieces to harden.
Now I'm back home and playing with molds and practicing the cool copic marker skills I learned from Joanne Sharpe. 
While nature and the world out there are doing what they do....there is nothing cooler than being around creatives and trying on new skills together and taking in the energy of people who love what they do.