Thursday, November 3, 2016

Keeping on the Art Path

I have heard a small part of this speech often, however the whole speech is the kind of speech a creative can go back to when inspiration is low.
I heard about this Neil Gaiman video on a very art inspirational podcast I listen to often at insomnia time. This particular podcast interview was the first time I laughed out loud in the middle of the night because Joey Feldman and 'Youngman Brown' (the podcast interviewer) both shared some honest and funny insights.

Stay inspired...especially in this edgy election time! Stay inspired when medical insurance for Indies is climbing to inhuman heights! Stay inspired when daylight savings time and cloudy Fall days start to darken our much needed light. Stay inspired when your own personal life challenges loom large. Make inspiration larger than anything life flings at us! It's easy to forget to have fun or to forget to laugh....or to just get sucked into the many rabbit hole distractions this era brings. (Fortunately videos and podcasts can play while we're creating.) Creative expression is IMPORTANT! I hope these two talks keep you on your creative path no matter what goes on out there!