Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Keeping up with the cool tools....

I often wonder how much fun Mozart would've had composing on a computer....or how  Emily Dickenson would've felt if she had online forums and classes to run or take part in. What would DaVinci have done with a Wii? Or Michaelangelo....what great works would he create with an ipad?
The endless new inventions keep us at the edge of our seat with new ways of approaching our mediums.
I have to thank Jane LaFazio for teaching us so many cool things! I've been addicted to her classes lately. She so changed my life by introducing us to the Niji Waterbrush (among many other things.)
The world is a sketch opportunity and a Niji waterbrush is loaded with water and all set to paint with...no messy spills during travel. It's also yet another way (besides knitting) to never have to be stuck "waiting"for detained travel, friends, or appointments.
You can see this artist was very intrigued with this brush when I showed it to him. It froze him into a state of wonder. It did the same to me when Jane taught us to sketch and paint with it.
It has been quite the trip observing the eras I've experienced and how incredible tools have become when it comes to opening up new opportunities. I still can only imagine what the Great Masters would've done if they had the cool tools and software opportunities we have today....and I'm grateful to them for laying the foundation for these tools to exist today.