Friday, September 19, 2008

Hidden Hotel Nightmare

A friend had sent me this video clip quite a while ago. It was quite disturbing. I remember going to a conference once and returning very sick and not knowing why. Many in the conference got sick as well. Could this be the reason?
Now, whenever I stay in a hotel I pack a small bottle of dish soap. But, still....there's ammonia in the window cleaner some cleaning staff uses on those hotel glasses! So, lately I bring my own mug to drink anything from in a hotel room.
When I went on my knitventures this Summer, I actually did wash out a dark coffee cup in a hotel room that was next to the coffee maker when I got in my room. All this dark coffee came out in the rinse water! Dark mugs hide stains. It was a pricey hotel I stayed in too!!!!
Maybe you have seen this clip before, as it's been going around the cybersphere. If not, I hope you remember to bring your own mug or dish soap when you stay in a hotel.
Do you have any hotel nightmare stories to share?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Talent and Inspiration Everywhere!

It was a wonderful education-filled Summer. I attended the Knit and Crochet Show in New Hampshire and Stitches Midwest in Chicago. Not only are there high quality teachers and classes there...but the attendees sport their creations. That's just as much reason to go to these shows as the lessons and market reasons are.
Starting with the photo with the gorgeous knit skirt....this fellow student was kind enough to let me take a snapshot of the beautiful layered skirt she made. I am embarrassed I don't know her name, but the skirt she knit definitely blew us all away!
Then there was this most attractive crochet dress worn by Jennifer Hansen (Stitch Diva Studios) About Us (thank you, Amy Shelton, for that info!) She taught a class on how to make this dress at the K&C show. The dress so magnitized us to it every time she entered a room. So incredibly done!
And then there is the crocheted purple wonder outfit made and modeled by co-owner of Crochetville, Amy Shelton, who offers a whole crochet world online Crochetville Forum.
If anyone can identify the name of the model of that wonderous knit skirt let me know, so I can edit this post and not be so ashamed of my middle aged memory.