Friday, September 30, 2016

A Quick Autumn in NY Weekend

 September brought a quick trip to NYC. Here is a view of the full moon from our Uber ride to Harlem.
 The main reason for the trip was to upgrade my Pound teaching skills at this Pound Amplify course we were all waiting in line to take. But there were lots of other fun reasons for the trip like family, friends, art, very long walks, and people-watching.
This was a sculpture at the new Whitney Museum that made you stand there just waiting for it to get up and talk to you...or bark at you... and you'd swear it was breathing. The Whitney...tho pricey...had floors of wonderful art to inspire! And beautiful views you could see on every floor, if you want to step out on the terraces.....

                                                   This ad is so NYC! Only in NYC.

The fun thing about a quick weekend in NYC is that you can fill it with enough culture to keep you glowing when you get back home. The sad thing about a quick weekend in NYC is it goes by too quickly, making you long to return again and again.