Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Mouse is "In the House"

So...being a woman of my word, I refused to post again until that mouse was done. I used some Lamb's Pride Nature Spun #1 yarn to make him and did a few personal modifications, like an i-cord tail and an embroidered expression of pure bliss. I hope you can see the huge smile on Mouse's face. I like Eckhart Tollecat's mouse to keep an expression of joy even while he's being clawed and chewed to pieces because as a coach I like to encourage my clients to keep enjoying life through all its challenges and bumps in the road.

This mouse does not take two months to knit even though my blog consistency would make it look that way. It really only took a few hours to make. I was just away attending some incredible workshops I want to share with you in the next post

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