Sunday, January 16, 2011

First UFO Sighting of 2011

Starting off New Year's resolutions with the "UFO (Unfinished Object) of the Month Club." This month's UFO is a Debbie Bliss tunic knit in a milk yarn ( I offer both the instructions and many colors of milk yarn in my shop.) I was testing out both the instructions and the yarn. I adore the drape of this yarn and the softness of it. I also love when people talk to you when you're knitting with milk yarn in public....the reactions are priceless! Always a conversation piece when you knit something out of milk yarn. (One five year old wanted to taste my knitting.)
Do you know how fun it is to knit a sweater on small needles out of beige yarn? This is why this was at the top of the UFO list. It helped to call the color of the yarn by it's real name....Latte. So, it's off to other UFOs. It's too nice a feeling to complete one to stop. I wish you many completions of UFOs this year.


Suspinz: Dabbler in Many Things said...

Ah, the infamous UFO. I brought along the red many-crazy-cables sweater I spent all last winter knitting...maybe this winter I will get it assembled. All the best, for FOs in your future!

TiCo said...

Happy 2011, Suspinz!!!!I love hearing about your UFO too. And yes, the finishing part of the sweater requires a glass of wine and a good DVD to get it completed. Many completed UFOs to you and I hope to keep up with you and your creativity in its many venues this year!