Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ready for Take-Off!

This month over 300 classmates and I finished up our Flying Lessons. Of course, I'm not talking about the kind that is portrayed in this photo (snapped while on a flight home in this teeny prop plane)...but I'm talking about the course and ebook created by Kelly Rae Roberts, Flying Lessons.

 Though the class doesn't require any flying of has that same taking off and going beyond fear to get to the results feeling because it is still about learning to fly beyond that queasy feeling of facing the unknown.

Kelly explains some of the major social media methods and current marketing skills in an understandable way while also sharing her stories and experiences, so that even people like me can understand them! And there is a whole class of students to help each other through the turbulence and applaud the clear skies.

Just like the photo here...with all those meters and controls....there is a huge amount to handle. And I'm not going to lie....some of the procedures can blow a whole day to get least for someone of my computer knowledge level.
I must admit though....I do feel like more of a pilot in my creative business already.

Kelly teaches this course once a year and also sells the ebook version separately. If you want to check it out find the badge that says, "Flying Lessons" on the sidebar of this blog. I've taken a lot of business courses and this is one that is well worth the investment.


Cheryl Razmus said...

Hi TiCo! Haven't crossed paths for a while. I feel honored to see my name on your page, when you've got so much special to share yourself. Love your flikr slideshows. Lots of way cool artwork there. Cheryl

TiCo said...

Hey, Girl!!!! What are you up to? Actually...dumb question...I'm heading to your blog right now to find out for myself. I hope you had a great Summer and maybe we'll meet up in another class some time.

Carolyn Kittredge said...

This is so true in every way. I love the picture it really drew me in, wondering what this post was about. Very nice salute to KRR and I agree it is a valuable investment in learning how to construct a creative business.

TiCo said...

Thank you for turning me on to this class! It was both an emotional rollercoaster and business life-changing! It's one I'm glad to have taken.
And you always say the most thoughtful comments!!!! Can you bottle that and sell it?