Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feeding my Beadiction

I don't know what it is about beads, but I found out I love working with them very late in life. I found that out about writing, too, about ten years ago. I guess there are so many art forms to explore anymore that you may not even know you love something until you take it for a test drive. A great class of beading skills I just took for a test drive was a bead embroidery class with Leonie Hartley-Hoover. http://www.leoniesomniumgatherum.blogspot.com/
These photos are a couple of samples of techniques we learned in class. She is fun to talk with on the class forum. She has a very rich life of experiences and a wealth of bead knowledge and skills. My fave thing is she's into bead abuse...and flower abuse. She encouraged getting those beads to do what you want them to do by coaxing them all over the place until they behave. She also beats flowers to dye fabric, but not in this bead embroidery class. These forms of abuse don't require restraining orders...just a love of art.
The bottom photo is dedicated to Leonie's "bead abuse"philosophy. There's a larger piece assignment in class and I'm currently in a love-hate relationship with mine....that's abuse too. I design all I do with this love-hate thing going on, so it's just part of the process. It just makes the project take a little longer. I hope to be able to post it when it's complete.


Leonie said...

You've been a great student and I've enjoyed having you in my classroom. I look forward to seeing your finished piece!

All best wishes,

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Lucky you to be able to take a class with Leonie! She is one of the most amazing beaders! She has wonderful design sense and style. She designed the most fabulous beaded ArtBras and crazy quilt blocks for our annual ArtBra quilts. Count me blessed to have Leonie in my life!

Victoria Brown

TiCo said...

Thank you for your very kind words! I way enjoyed your class and will miss "Christmas Morning" and hearing Leonie stories and helpful tips.
Victoria---Yes, I agree I was lucky to study with Leonie...and I second the wonderful things you added about her. I have to admit tho....who else is lucky? You've lived my fantasy!!! Studying at the House of Lesage!!!???!!!! I would love to hear about that experience!!! Do you have any stories about that on your blog?
Thank you, both of you, for your wonderful comments!