Sunday, April 7, 2013

His Similes. His Metaphors. Les Metaphors du Micheal Kors

“The Metaphors of Micheal Kors.” Catchy rap title. Anyone up for putting together a mashup video rap of Korsisms?

I’m not alone in noticing there is something missing in this season of Project Runway. It’s the comedic snarky metaphors of Michael Kors. Some of his comments during his critiques of the designers' work were so shockingly rude that you had to laugh. He conjured up such surreal metaphors to describe the designs that you couldn’t get that vision out of your head once he put it there! Somewhere between Don Rickles, Joan Rivers, and Steven Wright lies the unforgettable metaphoric talents of Michael Kors. 
Every artist owns their stories of how painful it is to bare our soul and put our hard work out there only to get it destroyed by someone who judges it harshly.  I saw a video of  PR contestants voicing how much it hurts to receive harsh comments. It takes so much courage, energy, hard work, focus and insane deadline stress to swim in the PR fishbowl. I can’t imagine a contestant would walk out of that experience the same level as they walked into it. 

Comedic and design talents aside, Michael Kors has a huge heart...

...and he is no stranger to being judged harshly....
He's paid his dues. He's paying it forward. And he walked away from Project Runway leaving us laughing with him....

We miss you, Michael Kors. Come visit Project Runway soon.


Tiffany said...

I am not caught up to the recent season, but I'm sad to hear Michael Kors is off the show! They had a great mix of judges with nice chemistry. I'm sure it's not the same without him.

TiCo said...

I won't spoil the season for you since you didn't see it. Michael Kors did end up judging the finale! But in finales judges have to be nicer, so the Korsisms were kept to a minimum. The one that stood out to me at the finale was,
"Oh My God, the art teacher's on an acid trip!"
It was so nice to have him back! And the winner's designs way deserved the win!
I hope you can catch up and get to see season 11!