Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You Can Catch More Eyes with Vinegar than Honey

In 1948, Swiss engineer, Georges de Mistral was hiking in the woods with his dog and they got covered in burrs. Instead of seeing them as annoying... he observed them in a new perspective. De Mistral teamed up with a textile company and patented what is known today as Velcro in 1955.

Recently, wine sludge has turned to an innovative fabric with that same kind of innovative perspective.
My thoughts on this new wine fabric.... it's very form fitting... so what if you have a real body? Is this going to force us to work out more? Or is there a way to fit it on a mold that isn't so form-fitting, yet flatters the wearer?

What annoying occurance can you turn into an innovation??? Annoyances are only annoying if we can't see the creative side to them!


Tiffany said...

This is a pretty cool idea! I bet the clothes will be expensive (at least at first) if they all must be hand-formed, dried, etc.
Unfortunately, I don't think this will make us all work out more: if spandex didn't do it, vinegar-skin won't either.

TiCo said...

Hahaha! Well said! Fabric isn't always the motivator of workouts. I agree, too, this new fabric probably will be costly. Not just anyone can make wine or turn it into fabric and it way changes the game on how outfits are created. Is it washable? Or dry cleanable? How would it be cleaned?
Jesus turned water into wine...designers turned wine into fabric.
I wonder what type of sludge from something I can turn into fabric?