Friday, September 19, 2008

Hidden Hotel Nightmare

A friend had sent me this video clip quite a while ago. It was quite disturbing. I remember going to a conference once and returning very sick and not knowing why. Many in the conference got sick as well. Could this be the reason?
Now, whenever I stay in a hotel I pack a small bottle of dish soap. But, still....there's ammonia in the window cleaner some cleaning staff uses on those hotel glasses! So, lately I bring my own mug to drink anything from in a hotel room.
When I went on my knitventures this Summer, I actually did wash out a dark coffee cup in a hotel room that was next to the coffee maker when I got in my room. All this dark coffee came out in the rinse water! Dark mugs hide stains. It was a pricey hotel I stayed in too!!!!
Maybe you have seen this clip before, as it's been going around the cybersphere. If not, I hope you remember to bring your own mug or dish soap when you stay in a hotel.
Do you have any hotel nightmare stories to share?

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