Friday, September 12, 2008

Talent and Inspiration Everywhere!

It was a wonderful education-filled Summer. I attended the Knit and Crochet Show in New Hampshire and Stitches Midwest in Chicago. Not only are there high quality teachers and classes there...but the attendees sport their creations. That's just as much reason to go to these shows as the lessons and market reasons are.
Starting with the photo with the gorgeous knit skirt....this fellow student was kind enough to let me take a snapshot of the beautiful layered skirt she made. I am embarrassed I don't know her name, but the skirt she knit definitely blew us all away!
Then there was this most attractive crochet dress worn by Jennifer Hansen (Stitch Diva Studios) About Us (thank you, Amy Shelton, for that info!) She taught a class on how to make this dress at the K&C show. The dress so magnitized us to it every time she entered a room. So incredibly done!
And then there is the crocheted purple wonder outfit made and modeled by co-owner of Crochetville, Amy Shelton, who offers a whole crochet world online Crochetville Forum.
If anyone can identify the name of the model of that wonderous knit skirt let me know, so I can edit this post and not be so ashamed of my middle aged memory.


Amy (yarnaholic) said...

Hi, TiCo! Thanks so much for including Crochetville and me in your blog post! I didn't really create Crochetville, though; it sort of created itself. It existed for about a year before I knew about it and became a member. I just try to keep things running smoothly over there. It's really our members that make Crochetville such a wonderful place to hang out!

I am wearing the Farpoint Topper and Raspberry Charlotte skirt from Doris Chan's book Amazing Crochet Lace.

The beautiful lady in the second picture is Jennifer Hansen, also known as The Stitch Diva.

TiCo said...

Thank you Amy for this all- important info. I don't like giving out half-baked info, so I will change my post a little bit.
I hope to run into you again at a future show. Maybe even while purchasing more yarnahol!