Friday, October 1, 2010

A Beaddiction I Never Want to Recover From

This is my back cover of the "Bodacious Beading Class" sample book project taught online by Beading Instructor and Artiste Extrodinaire, Liz Kettle, last July. (To explore her site and blog click on the "Liz Kettle" link in my sidebar under "Links for the Texture/Color Hungry.")

What an inspiring, thorough, and supportive teacher she is! I know she gives other online classes as well as retreat classes, so check out her site if you want to become a beading addict online or in person. (Liz is famous for causing bead addiction in unsuspecting students.)

I am patiently coming to the finish line for completing this cool, squishy, sample book project Liz dreamed up, so I will post the competed project very soon!


Carolyn said...

I love this, love it!!! It's early morning I'm on the computer waking up with my morning coffee. And, WOW here is ART mimicking LIFE with this beautiful beaded cover matching my morning cup of coffee which I can't start my day without! Talk about feeding my soul in every way. Thanks TiCo...

TiCo said...

You're the biggest Sweetheart!!! Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. Loving your photo here. You radiate artist vibes big time!