Monday, October 18, 2010

Empty Nest UFO Completion Syndrome

I have to admit, finishing this Bodacious Bead Book project feels like letting go of a friend who I spent quality time with daily. This dear friend is now complete without me and we will go our separate ways. Ever feel that way about a good book you were reading? But, now you are better for having spent the time together.
I chose to put a martini on the front cover and coffee on the back because I've been striving to BE a person (inside and out) who felt somewhere in between what drinking an alcholic beverage and a stimulating cup of coffee feels like. And the fringe on the binding represents all the chaos and repetitious bits of life in-between our dreams and goals that may get in the way of how we strive to BE.  I love the quiet clinking sound the fringe makes when brushing my fingers through it.  It's good to make friends with the chaos and find its attractiveness. 
I guess I can clean my house now or finish another of the deluge of UFOs waiting for attention. And now I can view my bead book friend from afar and every time I see it, it'll remind me how I strive to BE in the daily chaos that makes us forget.

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Suspinz: Dabbler in Many Things said...

Enjoyed seeing your beaded book...snazzy!...and meeting Eckhart T. He's a good reminder, like my feline Boris (Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, for the mayor of London) to pay attention to those who love you and need loving in return.

Looking forward to more fun here.