Friday, November 15, 2013

Couture and More in a Can!!!

I'm always intrigued when a designer invents something that takes on a life of its own. Have you ever done that with items you've designed? You invent it with your intention and then it takes on more possibilities way beyond your intended idea, giving it even more value!

Fabrican has been around since 2010 and was inspired by one innovative designer observing the qualities of Silly String. But it can be used for anything from fashion, to upholstery, to on-the-spot tea towels, to medical bandaging, automotive uses, cleaning, and who knows what else! (I'm thinking...graffiti that can be removed from a wall and it's respected instead of seen as destroying property?)

The aerosol and polymer environmental issues may still need some tweaking, (Is it BPA-free? What is inhaled?), but the whole concept and limitless uses for such an invention are exciting and certainly make me want to go into the studio and finish up some inventions. I hope this inspires you to finish up those UFOs as well.

Check out the possibilities on their site:


Tiffany said...

The potential of that material is really interesting. I don't really get the floral costumes though? They are not using the spray fiber material in a critical way, celebrating it, or really selling it in my opinion.

TiCo said...

I think the runway exhibit is just to show the fit of the material and shows an idea of one use for it. I like your comment cuz they way could've added fashions to that show that took Fabrican for a test drive of its many uses. Maybe we need to put together a celebration of Fabrican show of our own!

Susan Johnson said...

interesting, I wondered what they were selling too, but it's the idea of whatever crazy thing you want (or ordinary thing) you can spray paint the fabric onto. Don't let Cristo get a hold of one of those cans. Looks like fun.

TiCo said...

Hahaha! That would be fascinating to see what Christo would do to the landscape with Fabrican!
Or what Crisco would do with Fabrican for that matter! It does look like fun. Wanna get a couple of cans and plan an artist date?